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Litigation PR

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Pendulum Strategies provides a unique communications service to the New Zealand market – litigation support. 

Julien Leys is originally a lawyer who practised commercial and public law before being selected to provide legal advice to the Minister of Local Government in New Zealand’s first MMP Parliament in 1995. Because of this understanding of the legal environment, Pendulum Strategies has worked with corporate ad in-house legal teams, Barristers and QCs to support their clients who are embroiled in legal issues that become public.

Some of the cases that Pendulum Strategies has provide litigation support include:

  • A high-profile principal who was dismissed by the School Board
  • A Harley Street Plastic surgeon who sued a Health Authority for wrongful dismissal and for the covering up of a wrongful patient death which was eventually re-opened in a Coronial Enquiry
  • A technology company that was sued by a global competitor for trademark infringement.

Trial by media is never easy and can be the cause of injustice. Many of the issues highlighted by litigation are complex and sensitive to manage from a communications perspective including defamation, name suppression, sexual abuse, fraud and commercial collusion.

Pendulum Strategies can help you or your company successful support and manage challenging legal issues.

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