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Crisis communications & Issues management

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Case study 1

A commuter ferry collided with the Devonport Wharf, Auckland injuring 17 passengers.

The company was inundated with interview requests and within 30 minutes of the accident, Julien Leys was called in to help the ferry company manage media enquiries and respond to the crisis.

Our role was to support the ferry company in managing intense media interest while they were also responding to the crisis at an operational level.

This was a rapidly evolving situation, with multiple points of “truth” and many sources contributing to the story. It was important that the ferry company were able to respond quickly, while demonstrating its concern for passenger and worker safety – and providing as much information to the media as it could.

We prepared key messages and distributed media statements for the ferry company, responded to media enquiries, monitored media coverage and supported the chief executive as he undertook a stand-up media conference and ongoing media interviews.

The final outcome was a well-managed response to a serious issue that allowed the ferry company to respond to the issue in a timely, responsible and open manner.

Case study 2

Since 2013, Pendulum Strategies has been providing strategic crisis communications support to a major utility company in NZ.

Working closely with the leadership team, we develop and implement external and internal communications strategies to assist with unexpected issues and crises.


  • Identifying potential risks and managing issues and crises such as weather events and infrastructure faults and outages
  • Providing fast and timely communications to engage with media and staff in times of change
  • Media training members of the leadership team to ensure they can confidently manage interviews and political discussions

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