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We are accomplished advocates where we act on behalf of our clients either on particular issue, campaign or in managing a crisis either in facilitating discissions, messaging and successful outcomes with decision makers, advisers, officials or influencers.

Alternatively, we also act as direct spokespeople for particular clients including industry organisations or private companies who need a ‘talking head’ to represent them with media or to engage on their behalf with Government or other stakeholders.

Advocacy is a specialist communication skill which aims to convince or persuade a target audience of the benefits of supporting a particular issue or cause we represent.  Often complex issues are misunderstood or are lacking in comprehensive information which would empower decision makers to find lasting solutions or consensus outcomes.

Pendulum Strategies has a proven track record of advocacy in a variety of different sectors including sport (advising one party to the Silver Lake deal), building and construction, transport, financial services and infrastructure.

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