Pendulum Strategies is a strategic high-level communications company located in a historic building on Jervious Road in Ponsonby, Auckland. 


At the centre of everything we do is protecting, maintaining and enhancing the reputation of companies, organisations and individuals.

We take complex or difficult issues and simplify

these with language and syntax in a way that makes it easily understandable via distilled messages. This is an important part of creating the narrative that will consistently flow through a communications campaign.

Our approach


Effective Communications is a combination of many factors including having a narrative that has been prepared so that it aligns with key objectives and has reach and intended impact based upon a clear strategy. It also relies on execution via the correct set of media platforms and channels over a timeline which builds any number of desired outputs from awareness, to shifting debate on contentious or entrenched issues, persuading decision makers of an alternate view or quickly establishing a position or brand in communities or markets.

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